Portworld Advantage

 Portworld has high-level R & D team composed of Hardware/Software engineers, with a high level of industry-recognized R & D capabilities, a deep understanding of the project as well as the definition, development, production and service experience products, while also with high-end technology, manufacturing processes and manufacturing capabilities.

Smart Home

Control all the other device with our touch panel


POE Tablet

5inch to 32inch Power Over Ethernet Solution


LCD Display Digital Signage

Desktop/Wall mounted/Interactive HMI Digital solution


AIO AD Players

Wall mounted intelligent AI/ILOT Solution


Intelligent Retail

Face recognition/automation purchasing/Intelligent price management system


GMS Tablet PC

Taking Mobility to endless Possibilities with Android 8.1/9.1 Google Mobile Service Solution


Why Choose Us

PORTWORLD has finished more then 30 project & help customer to increase the market occupy every year.

PORTWORLD is committed to the goal of delivering the most advanced and attractive products and technology to our customers.

PORTWORLD has a high level of industry-recognized R&D, fast response and strong resource integration capacity.

Solution & Support

Portworld has established a professional, high quality, efficient team, one of Android( Rockchip/Allwinner /MTK/Spreadrum )/Debian /Ubuntu based on Android.We provide Hardware & Software Solution with BSP/SDK support.
Also, we provide 24 hours fast responding.

Portworld Solutions

POE Tablet/Smart Home/Hospital/AI/HMI etc


Technical Support

Technical Support:Port world has experienced ID /Construction Design PCBA/Layout/Production Assembling engineer.




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Team Hiking

  Portworld is a vigorous, committed, and enterprising…
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